Bob Marley’s Family – Fashion plus Legacy

Under the Bob Marley Jamaica group of companies, there are business interests in fashion; Tuff Gong’s Fashion Company,“Catch The Fire Clothing”, a designer clothes label, was co-founded by Cedella Marley and Rohan Marley, the brains behind the business idea, along with business partner Stefano Aldighieri, the former creative director of […]

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Bob Marley – the Legacy lives on

Bob Marley died 11 May 1981.  His music however lives on and thrives. After his death, the Marley family under the leadership of Rita Marley went about establishing a company to manage the intellectual property, copyrights and general merchandise of Bob Marley. The entire Marley family has worked continually with […]

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Bob Marley – Cultural Ambassador of Jamaica

Bob Marley the Great Posthumous Cultural Ambassador of Jamaica. The Marley’s signature sound has impacted generations internationally. Marley is one of the greatest Cultural Ambassadors of Jamaica with a powerful and innovative signature sound. Since Bob Marley’s death on 11th May 1981, he has become an international cultural and musical […]

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