The Impact of R&B and Soul on British Recording Acts

The Rolling Stones were strongly influenced by Chicago blues and early R&B music. The band’s name was taken from a Muddy Waters’ song because they had great respect for Muddy Waters, who played on a live performance with them before his death on 30th April 1983. When they were on […]

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Muscle Shoals Sound (Part 1)

“I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You” was the first album for Aretha Franklin to become gold certified for over half million copies sold in America in 1967, released on 10th March 1967. It help to established Aretha as a superstar globally . The album also content […]

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Icons of R&B and Soul Music of Jewish Decent

Over the last fifty years these individuals impacted the globally and helped many African American achieve great levels of success internationally. These individuals are responsible for creating successful recording artist, song writing and record production teams and legendary record labels over a 50 to 60 years period that helped actually […]

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