Kevin Tomlin CEO of RCM Music Media

About Music Historian Kevin Tomlin

Kevin Tomlin has been studying music with a signature sound for the last thirty plus years based around Soul and R&B music originated from America,  especially music from America’s inter-cities and urban areas such as New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Detroit and Philadelphia. I went on an exploratory and geographical journey to discover the distinctive sounds that emerged from each location and gave each one its signature sound.

Kevin   started his journey from personal experiences living in Jamaica from the early 1970s until 1979 when Disco ruled the charts. He was listening to music coming out of America via radio and seeing performances on television and at live concerts at the music theatre at college and at other live venues by many great legends, during a time when black music made inroads into popular culture globally.

While he was living in America, he began teaching music history in the area of “Music of Black Origin” and “Visual Arts in South Florida, USA through the “Arts in Education” programme.

During this period Kevin was involved in the creation of special training programmes and workshops for music teachers in South Florida schools, and other settings using music history as the foundation, to build exciting programmes of study and support for education professional.

Since his return to the UK in 2000 Kevin continued on a series of research programmes’ providing consultancy services for multi-media organisations, schools, recording artists, cultural and faith-based groups, and entertainment professionals all within the framework of “arts and cultural history”.

He was recently appointed as music historian for GMIA (Gospel Music Industry Alliance), concentrating on matters to do with “Heritage and Legacy”. The GMIA is a music industry trade organisation based in London and is part of the UK Music.

Recently appointed in 2015 as a director on the executive board of the Gospel Music Industry Alliance base in London