The creative marriage of Philadelphia International Records and the Philadelphia Multicultural Affairs Congress, a division of  the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, is using the Philadelphia Sound hit instrumental “TSOP” (The Sound Of Philadelphia) performed by MFSB, the label’s studio band (which received a Grammy Award for “Best Instrumental”) as part of an advertising campaign initiative.  The aim is to attract visitors to Philadelphia’s many places of cultural significance and to the many night-life entertainment facilities across the city and in the surrounding area.

Gamble & Huff

The key is to brand the city of  Philadelphia as a destination for R&B disciples around the world, where they can make a pilgrimage tour of the places where the legendary sound was created, such as Sigma Sound Studios and Gamble-Huff Music studios.

In an interview conducted by the Philadelphia Business Journal, Chuck Gamble, the nephew of Kenny Gamble, the co-creator of the Philadelphia Sound and co-owner of Philadelphia International Records, stated that “Our role is provide the music in our catalogue so the city can attract more people to Philadelphia. We want people to use all five senses and feel the beautiful aroma of the city. Our music allows us to appeal to the emotions of people and to help bring people together. After all, Gap is using the O’ Jays to promote its products (in a recent advertising campaign), so why shouldn’t Philadelphia?”

Chuck Gamble

On several occasions, the Multicultural Affairs Congress has organised private guided tours of the Gamble-Huff recording studio for convention planners and travel trade potential customers, to encourage them to attract business travellers and leisure travellers to the city. Philadelphia is already a popular destination for tourism. Now the Multicultural Affairs Congress wants to widen the appeal to lovers of its music. 

Photo of Philadelphia: King of Hearts  2016

(Wikimedia Commons)

Four-segment panorama of Philadelphia skyline, as viewed from the South Street Bridge.
Date 23 July 2016
Source Own work
Author King of Hearts