These are beautiful original of paintings   by Kevin Tomlin.  Reproductions are available in 3 different sizes for sale.  Also custom sizes are available for prints and sale.
                                                   Landscape and seascape paintings
A side view of the house behind the row of bushes SA101
The house behind the row of bushes SA102


Village scene in Dorset, South of England SA103
Reflection SA104
 These artwork are reflections of my life over the last 35 years.
The beach scene SA105
Diver under the Caribbean sea SA106
                                                                                     Still Life                                                             
Pastel Drawing of Concrete Blocks SA107
         My first group of  Still Life oil pastel drawings when I was living in                             South Florida during the mid 1980s                                                                                                                                                                   
A Study of Concrete Blocks in Oil Pastel SA108



Mother and Child SA 109

Interpretation of The Shuttle Disaster  SA 110



Human Conception SA 111
Kitchen Stove SA 112