A Quiet Storm Philly classic ballad “Fantasy”, stunningly performed by Brandi Wells, is the highlight of her debut album “Watch Out”, released by WMOT Records in 1984. The track was produced by Nick Martinelli and arranged by Dexter Wansell at Alpha Recording Studio. They also produced and arranged the title track, which was a top twenty hit on the Billboard Hot Soul and R&B Singles Chart.
The now-defunct  label Philly World Records released a solo album by Terri Wells in 1984. The entire album was produced by Nick Martinelli with string arrangements by the late Norman Harris (former staff member of Philadelphia International Records during its golden era). The singles released from the album were “You Make It Heaven”, “Just Like Dreamin’” and the dance remake of the Spinners’ classic hit “I’ll Be Around”, a gold-certified single recorded originally during the 1970s at the Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia.
“I’ll Be Around” was a big hit for Terri Wells in the UK where both the single and album  had  a  cult following.
The following year her label mate Joanna Gardner released a studio solo album “Joanna Gardner”  and Veronica Underwood’s self-titled album “Veronica Underwood” also appeared. On both albums music styles include electronic, funk and soul. All three albums were recorded at Alpha Recording Studio, also known as Alpha International Recording Studios. The legendary Bobby Eli (rhythm guitar player in MFSB studio band) produced a track for Joanna Gardner called “I Could Never Love Another Like You” featuring string performance and arrangements by Don Renaldo and  his group of string players, with synthesizer performance by Donald R. Robinson.   The song has a 1980s sound with a 1970s Philly soul mix.
“Victim Of Desire” from Veronica Underwood’s self-titled album is a definitive 1980s synthesizer sound, with a powerful vocal performance by Veronica Underwood and a backing designed for the dance floor. Another interesting track from the album is the sweet ballad “We’re Gonna Make It” which fits the Quiet Storm format on radio using live instruments and synthesizers.