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Don Cornelius & Soul Train

A significant event occurred in the “Windy City” that will shape popular culture on an international level for decades to come! The late Don Cornelius, Chicago-born on 27th September 1936 and originally from the South side of the city, died at his home in Sherman Oaks in the state of […]

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William “Mickey” Stevenson

William “Mickey” Stevenson was one of the key creative masterminds behind Motown’s success from the early years. His book, entitled “A&R Man”, is a reflection of his experiences while working in the “Snake Pit” in Studio A. In a speech Berry Gordy Jr. made around the time of Motown’s fifth anniversary […]

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Linton Beckles – Music Consultant

My dear friend and music associate Linton Beckles interviewed by Andy Griffiths. I highly recommend this article to new and established creative people who want to work in the music industry. Industry Talk Andy Griffiths – Sostenuto LLP Interview with Linton Beckles 1 – Please describe your main work in […]

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